Friday, November 1, 2013

Obama: It's okay for me but not for you!

So there are two things that are for sure when it comes to President Obama.  He hasn't done anything wrong and President Bush (pick one) did nothing right.  His time in the Senate gave him plenty of time to criticize the president and presidential powers.  However, with himself as president, he's happy as a clam doing anything he wants with 'Executive Privilege'.

My feeling is that he's one of those people who thinks that they can do well what others cannot.  (Find a lot of these people in political office!  My favorite is Fed Chief Bernanke who's macro economics book warns against doing just about everything he did while Fed Chairman.)  Bush didn't care about people, Bush didn't wage war correctly, Bush didn't torture terrorists right (or was that enough).  Ah but Sen. Obama as President would change all that.  Countries would respect us again.

So what happened when President Obama took office.  Hmmm, he didn't close Guantanamo Bay and we're still in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Seems like just about everything that he complained about Pres. Bush, he's still doing, plus some.

Is it possible that he's got another motive?  We know that he never really tells us what he's planning on doing.  (He tells the SEIU and other unions when he meets with them in private, just listen to the leaked speeches.)

My guess is simple.  He wants to leverage all the executive power for himself, but at the same time try to implement ways of removing those 'privileges' for future presidents.  Of course, he's smart enough to handle such power (just ask him), but no one else should be allowed such power.

His willing accomplices in Congress (particularly the Senate) have turned a blind eye to his transgresses of Executive Power.  I'm sure near the end of his presidency, we'll start to see a change in that attitude which will take effect only once He is gone.

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