Friday, October 25, 2013

Health Care is too Expensive, Why Pay for Anything

So ObamaCare has all kinds of problems.  The servers aren't serving, the pricing isn't being priced, and the subsidies need subsidizing.  So besides nobody signing up, for one reason or a multitude, it's going great!  Except that the subsidies aren't showing up and rumors are that they are being exaggerated in the system.

So the plans are going to be more expensive than promised, expected, or imagined by Stephen Hawking.  Yup, people are harking that this could be the beginning of the implosion of ObamaCare.  Maybe, possibly people will figure out that the government isn't the place to put your faith for insurance.  (Let's not forget we're not talking about actual health care, we're talking about trying to figure out how to "insure" everyone for everything.)

However, I had a random though flash by me like, oh, an F-22.  It was thermally invisible, had very little radar signature when coming at me, and knocked me over like a dish in an earthquake.  Part of the ObamaCare supporters argument is that health care is so important it's a right and, from a few corners, ... wait for it ... it should be free.

Yup, free.  Why not!  It's really, really important (health insurance you know, we're still not talking about health care.  As if having car insurance got you from place A to place B.)  But, ah, the anti-ObamaCare people have already argued that you can't do that because how would the medical personnel get paid and you can't force people to work and not pay them for the effort.

Hey Joe!  Why don't you go to college for 12 years and go to work for nuthin?  Wow!  What an intriguing idea!  I could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to work for free!  What could possibly go wrong with that plan!?!

The only problem with this scenario is that Joe still has to eat (maybe I should use the name Laquisha so that I'm not racist, but too late, already used Joe and it's easier to type).  So how does Joe eat.  Well, we could say that if you're in the health care industry, you don't have to pay for food, gas (except that's not eco-friendly, maybe ethanol or free batteries), housing, etc.  That'll be provided for you!  Oh yeah, and your schooling, so no more hundreds of thousand dollars in spending for you!  (Oh yeah, and the government would have to be in charge of making sure that all went correctly.)

Of course, since the health care industry is around (varies depending upon the source) 16% of the country.  Just think, if we can do all this for Joe, what about Laquisha's partner (ooh, maybe I shouldn't go there, but again too late already typed it), Chris.  Chris (asexual name) works as an engineer for a major aerospace company.  Once we've done it for Joe and Chris (oh, okay Laquisha too), we can just do it for everyone.

There!  We're done!  Nobody has to pay for anything since it's not fair for all these important services to be restricted to people simply because they've accumulated more coin than the next sentient being who's recognized as a legal entity under the laws of this country (now you see why I went with Joe to begin with).