Monday, August 23, 2010

Who made NY Mosque political?

I've heard a lot of talk about the potential of a Ground Zero Mosque. So how did this issue get so much press and who made it political are different issues. Conservatives have been blamed for making it political and for getting it so much press. Well, not so much on the first part and only partially correct on the second.

The people who made this issue political are the people in the historical society that refused to grant the building historical significance. All other buildings that had damage from the airplanes in the 9/11 attack have been given this designation. However, this building's application was refused. It was refused because of the purpose of what a builder wanted to do with it.

Yes, that's right. The society decided to be political and refuse historical designation specifically because a mosque would be built there.

So who should be blamed for making this location political? Should it be the people complaining about the inconsistency and insensitivity of the people making this decision? I think it should be the people that made the decision, not those that point out the decision being made.