Monday, November 4, 2013

How many drummers do we need?

Recently, there was a discussion about how people should be free to do whatever they want and society should support this.  My immediate thought was that if everyone gets to do whatever they want "to benefit society", you have to ask, how many drummers do we need?

I have several friends who consider themselves to be drummers.  While a couple are pretty good, they aren't currently good enough to generate enough of an income to even pay for their cell phone bill.  A couple even play in bands, it's what they truly love doing.  Of course, they have other income streams that actually pay the bills.

Given the popularity of the 'Rock Band', 'Guitar Hero' (and DJ Hero, really?) and other similar games, it seems that there are even more of us who would really like to spend their time playing instruments for a living.  Look at the number of people who turn out for the 'Voice' and 'Idol', plus how many other TV shows are in a similar vein.  In addition, have you even heard some of these people who claim that singing is their passion and it sounds like nails across the blackboard!

Lots of people want to work for certain types of organizations, sport teams, iconic organizations, for example.  I recently worked in the wine industry and that is another industry that seems to attract people.  However, the number of these organizations is small in the universe of companies.

Do you really think we could get someone to WANT to man the register at the local Burger King which is next to the local high school?  The line gets long, the kids are snarky, and the adults are annoyed (and annoying).  I always feel sorry for the cashier when I forget and go in there around lunch time.

We already have enough problems with 'jobs American's won't do' which basically consists of working in the fields bringing in the crops.  Do you really think that we'd have less of a problem if only those people who WANT to do this, did it?

No, it would be harder.  We'd have less production of food since less people would be working there.  Still, there are a number of people in this country that think we should move in that direction.  Of course, if all I wanted to do was drum ....

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