Friday, November 22, 2013

ACC Wheel of Destiny is still spinning

One of my family's favorite parts of College Football Final is the ACC Wheel of Destiny.  When the wheel spins, who knows what will happen in the ACC.  Can Duke withstand the wheel?  Would Miami really have withstood VT and Duke without the wheel spinning?  Only the 'Noles have withstood the wheel this season ... or have they?

With a couple weeks left, there still a chance that the Coastal Division could have a five way tie.  UNC and Duke play in the last week of the season.  So assuming Duke gets past Wake Forest, VT beats UVa, Miami beats UVa and Pitt, the season could come down to the UNC - Duke game.  The Victory Bell could be ringing for Duke or ... VT.

If all this holds and there is a five way tie for the Coastal Division, Virginia Tech would get the tie-breaker.  The tie break is the record between the tied teams.  Duke, GT and Miami would all be 2-2, with UNC being 1-3.  That leaves Virginia Tech with wins against GT, Miami, and UNC.

So that's the Wheel when it comes to the Coastal division.  Given the way the season has worked out, a five way tie is the only way the season could end up.  Of course, Miami could lose one of those games, which would then give VT a 2-1 record, Duke a 1-2 record, and GT a 2-1 record.  Here, VT beat GT so, once again VT wins the division.

For completeness, if Duke wins out, they win the division.  GT wins the division if, Duke loses both games, VT loses to UVa and Miami loses to UVa or Pittsburgh.  No scenario give the division to UNC (GT beat both UNC and Duke, lost to VT and Miami).  Miami can win the division if they win out, VT loses to UVa, and Duke loses to either Wake Forest or UNC.

But, this is the ACC, where the Wheel is king!  So, how does the wheel spin onto FSU?  Simple, VT wins the Coastal division.  The Hokies are the best matchup to FSU in the ACC (assuming they show up).  FSU has already beaten Miami (nobody wants to see that again).  GT is good, but they aren't able to keep up with FSU.  Duke is in a renaissance, but they couldn't convert a third down against VT, enough said.

If Virginia Tech shows up and plays the way that they can, like they did against Miami, then they would give FSU a good game.  Virginia Tech's offense is the key, if they can score points, the defense will take care of business.  VT's special teams have been "special" this year which gives an edge back to FSU.  However, what are we really talking about?  We're spinning the wheel, the ACC wheel of DESTINY!  The wheel has sense of reality, point spreads, or history, the wheel spreads chaos.  There's no chaos like FSU losing in the ACC Championship game this year.  Again, enough said.


  1. looks like FSU was class of ACC afterall

  2. I'd see it more as the Wheel had frozen bearings.