Sunday, May 20, 2012

Recipes for Cooking up a Good night

My better half has suggested that I write a cook book.  Years ago, I lived by the Men's Health "Man, Can, and a Plan".  Nothing like a can of beans for a meal, except for those hot dogs with cheese infused into them.  Ah yes, that brings back good memories from grad school.  Of course if you want a vegetable, heat up a can of corn.  That mentality was augmented by the Men's Health recipes.  You can probably see why their menu would appeal to me.

Since then, I've gotten a wider repertoire.  I even took a basic French cooking class, so the meals around here are a little tastier and I balk at using a can of anything anymore.  I still go back to my cooking roots in that most times I eat because I don't want to be hungry anymore.  So, I like quick and easy recipes.  That's going to be the focus of my book with some date pleasing entries as well.

So if you've got a particular favorite, please share them with all of us here.  Nothing elaborate unless it's a real date pleaser.  Hopefully, we'll elevate the cooking all those future college kids!