Monday, June 22, 2009

Doping isn't just a cycling issue

There is no doubt that doping is a problem in cycling. Every year, we fans are disappointed to hear that yet another favorite has taken performance enhancing drugs. On the other hand, cycling is also very aggressive about having standards, testing athletes, and enforcing penalties. Apparently, this focus also leads to just about every article about cycling to include a blurb about doping issues.

However, doping is a serious issue in all sports. It's just that most sports, and I suppose, their fans, don't particularly care to make it an issue. I would argue that baseball has at least as many athletes caught using performance enhancing drugs, yet this isn't mentioned in every article about baseball, as it is with cycling. But then baseball is a sport that does a lot of talking that it's a problem and very little actionable to indicate that they really believe something has to be done about it.

At the same time that Operation Puerto implicated a number of cyclists, whom were all suspended for a period of time, Operation Puerto also implicated soccer players while the World Cup was going on. However, soccer, just like baseball, appears to be uninterested in actually doing anything about it. While names of cyclists were published all around the world, no soccer players names were mentioned.

The "media" again chooses whom to support, whom to attack, and whom to ignore. There is no good reason why the media would be aggressive to determine cycling names, yet do nothing to determine names from other sports.

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