Saturday, June 13, 2009

3 Strikes - Maybe you're out

Thursday's Seattle Times' (June 11, 2009) headline trumpets the release of a 3-strikes offender. He was convicted of three felonies, thus enacting the 3-strikes law. But recently a number of people, including "tough on crime" Governor Gregoire have been pressuring to have him released. Whom they were pressuring isn't mentioned in the article. But apparently drug possession and battery aren't severe enough for some people to believe he should be locked up for life.

In a completely unrelated story, also in the Seattle Times on Thursday, page B5, a rapist gets another life sentence. In this case, this man was released early from prison in 2003 because a jury believed that he no longer posed a threat to society. So, this man whom a jury decided to release because he was 'no longer a threat to society' then raped four more women, killing one.

The hypocracy of it all just seems overwhelming. Gregoire is supposed to be 'tough on crime' yet every chance she gets, she's releasing murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals. The Seattle Times trumpets one person getting released and buries an article on a previously released person getting sentenced for even more violent crimes. Finally, once again, we're selectively enforcing laws. This person doesn't warrant this penalty, that person does, don't worry we'll tell you which category you fall into.

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