Sunday, June 21, 2009

Afghan civilians - Obama responsible

On May 4th, an attack in Afganistan regrettably killed a number of civilians. There is some dispute as to the number of civilians killed, somewhere between 26 and 86. The latest news report on this situation was buried on page 6 (of 14) in the front page of the Seattle Times. Other news reports on this situation were equally buried.

Had this situation happened during the administration of President Bush, it would have been front page news. The Seattle Times would run any article with any small fragment of truth in a prominent position if they could run a title which would be negative towards President Bush.

During his presidential campaign, President Obama frequently stated that he thought that more emphasis should be made of Afganistan. Since he's taken office, more civilians have been killed in Afganistan than during any similar length of time during the Bush administration. Yet, even though President Obama has stated many times that the "real" war should be in Afganistan, he has not been the target of any negative press regarding any of the problems occuring there.

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