Monday, February 6, 2012

Ahh the doughnut!

So my better half and I have changed our eating habits.  It isn't correct to say that we've been on a diet, because we have simply changed the way we eat.  Overall, I've lost 30 pounds and gained around 5 back.  So I'm pretty happy with the results, I'd prefer to lose the 5 I've gained plus another 10, but that's just gravy.   Mmmmm, gravy....

Anyway, a couple months ago, we decided to get back into the gym.  I'm hassled by knee problems (which is why I gained the weight back), so that keeps me out of the gym for a time.  If only I'd give up basketball, ....  During this initial time back into the gym, and protein shakes for breakfast, I realized that I was hungry before I got of my car after leaving the gym.  I had learned previously that if I kept from getting hungry I actually kept to my diet and lost more weight.  So I decided to start picking up more breakfast after the gym.

Now, a non-fat latte is a pretty good snack.  It combines a little dairy with coffee and so I get my coffee and a little more fullness.  But this didn't quite do it for my morning.  That's when I realized that I could get a doughnut with my coffee.  That really put a completeness to my morning.  I was just fine until lunch.

Because of the activity and the rest of my diet, it was easy enough to burn these calories during the day.  But it was really satisfying to have that little piece of gluttony.  I wasn't losing any more weight, but I wasn't gaining either.  Of course, I've now dropped that part of my morning in order to restart the weight loss, but I have a wandering eye some days in the coffee shop.

I think that little pleasures like this are important in daily life.  That doughnut (and last weekend's wine) provide a little extra happiness.  It's like getting a little surprise present every day.

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