Monday, May 24, 2010

An up and down weekend of wine

A couple bottles of wine later, what a weekend. It was the best of wines, it was the worst of wines. Well, not really the worst.

Friday night, we opened an '06 'Il Re' from Arthur Earl ( We were eating a pot roast (in a crock pot for 10 hours with onions, parsnips, and mushrooms). The meal was great. The wine was a nice complement. It's one of our favorite wines from this winery. Our favorite is usually the Mourvedre.

Sunday night, we opened the '08 Black Love (pinot noir) from Mark Ryan ( I guess I don't like classic Pinot Noir. My lovely spouse liked the wine, but I prefer the '07. In my opinion, the '07 was what other Pinot's want to become. The '08 was fine. I didn't care for it at release weekend and I feel the same now.

Tonight, I may just have to open up a wine from Vincent Arroyo Winery ( to compliment the seared tuna on the menu. That would allow me to move on from Sunday night's disappointment.

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