Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rich versus Wealthy

So today, Bill Gates, Sr. is going to announce that Washington State needs a state income tax. Great! Bill Gates, Jr. wants Washington State to implement a death tax. Wow!

These people have so much money it's great that they want to share it (by force) with us. Oh wait, I bet they won't have to pay it. Hmmmm, neither Sr nor Jr actually work that much (not receiving a salary, i.e. income).

The liberals in this country always complain about the rich, which seems strange as it's people like Ted Kennedy who used to do this. Sen Kennedy and Speaker Pelosi have lots of money. Again, that's what people think of when you say rich. But that isn't what the liberals mean.

Liberals are after people who are amassing wealth. They are trying to accumulate riches so that they will be better off in the future. But these people are not necessarily 'rich' but that is who is being targeted.

The people who have already amassed their wealth want to make sure that you and I cannot.

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