Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lord Business is the Democratic Party

In “The Lego Movie”, Lord Business is frustrated because citizens are changing things away from the ‘perfect world’ that he had created.  His response is to use the kragle (krazy glue) on Taco (“’Tentacle Arm Kragle Outside Sprayer’, or TAKOS! The S is silent”) Tuesday to freeze the citizens into the “perfect” position.  Similarly, the Democratic Party has the same feelings towards the business world. 

Socialism allows businesses to exist in the market, with the caveat that government has a direct involvement in the operation of each business.  Democrats have already pushed this approach as evidenced by their imposition of certain people on the boards of companies such as General Motors (a.k.a. Government Motors).  This form has an added “benefit” of allowing the government to pick winners and losers, while still allowing a limited amount of new business startups by entrepreneurial individuals.

Communism allows business to exist but only with government permission.  This system squashes all entrepreneurship with new businesses having to be either originated or approved by the government.  The government in essence sprays the market with kragle to keep a nice tidy order to the citizenry.

Free market allows consumers to decide where to spend their money.  Companies make decisions in order to capture market share and improve their financial situation.  Entrepreneurs can see where existing companies are not fully satisfying a market and introduce their own product to fill that void.  Business make good and bad decisions, succeed and fail, and come and go. 

The free market is annoying or worse for people who don’t like the chaos of free markets or want to control other people.  These people will push for singular control of the market and the only entity powerful enough to do this is a government.  The normal progression is to first move towards Socialism and then turn to Communism. 

Arguments will be made that businesses are not good citizens, they make bad decisions for society at large.  Meanwhile, poor decisions by governments will be excused because, of course, government has society’s best interests at heart. 

Consider the framework in which a politician in a Socialist or Communist society would exist.  The system tells them that average people are not capable or qualified to make decisions.  Therefore, they become the decision makers for the society, determining what can or should be done.  This dichotomy of the views of individuals would impress upon the politician that they were not of the average citizenry and thus above them.

Citizens are also required to forget that government will be populated with power hungry people.  These people become the politicians with a disposition to have a disdain for the average citizen.  Which then leads to the creation of two classes of people, politicians and non-politicians.  The power hungry politicians then create different rules for the political and non-political classes.  The rules for the non-political class (the proletariat) then becomes the kragle to keep them from upsetting the political class.

Unfortunately, here in the United States significant numbers of people in the Democratic Party are increasing open about their opposition to free markets.  This has become manifest in the two leading candidates for the Democratic Party nomination for President.  Both have expressed their desire for more government control over the economic engine of this country.  The fact that they are the only candidates left for that Party is telling as to the character of Democrats in this country.

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