Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Measuring Unemployment like the age of a child

I was talking to someone the other day who is unemployed. When asked for how long, they replied three years, 2 months. It struck me as strange as this seemed like the way a parent would give the age of a child. When reviewing comments from other unemployed people, it was a similar method: 6 months, 14 months, etc.

Unlike reporting the age of a child, though, people aren't happy when reporting how long that they have been unemployed. I believe that for a lot of people, unemployment may be as stressful as raising a new baby. I don't believe that anyone unemployed is as happy as someone raising a child. There are a few people who like getting paid for not doing anything, but these people wouldn't be telling you that they are unemployed either though.

We really need to get this country back to work and we don't have to worry about these types of issues anymore.

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