Monday, January 17, 2011

Rhetoric is Only a Conservative Issue

Rhetoric is apparently only an issue if you are conservative. I've heard a number of stories on CNN, ABC, etc talking about how we need to decrease the rhetoric. The Seattle Times this past Sunday (here) also ran an article about how we need to be more civil.

What do all of these have in common? When they use examples of rhetoric, they only cite examples from Conservatives. Wow! They can't manage to find any example of harsh rhetoric from any left sources. That's amazing, one would have to come to the conclusion (as many of my liberal friends already have) that harsh rhetoric is the problem of those on the right.

What's amazing about this, is that it would be easy to find examples from the left. For more than eight years, we heard about how President Bush was akin to Hitler. There were movies and books on assassinating him. Further, false accusations were made against many on the right and nearly right.

What a missed opportunity for all of these organizations. Can you imagine how 'objective' they could really appear had they sited examples from all sides? But alas, they once again show their true colors.

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